Take Back My Life
Fighting Opoid Addiction

Take Back My Life is an initiative of the Frederick County Health Department aimed at expanding awareness of the risks associated with opioid use, while supporting families and empowering individuals on a path of health and recovery.

These videos present real people in the Frederick area who have experienced opioid use disorder — either their own or those of family members. They’re sharing their stories in hopes of saving other lives and households from the pain and heartbreak they’ve suffered. Their stories provide hope and encouragement for a brighter tomorrow.


Does Branden’s, Michelle’s, Pam’s or Bradley’s story sound similar to yours? Do you use pain pills or heroin to escape from traumatic childhood experiences or those experienced as an adult? Did you first get hooked to prescription opioids while healing from an injury? Were you “just having a good time?” Were you simply trying to fit in? You are not alone. These are common paths to opioids taking over someone’s life.

Traumatic childhood experiences are also called Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). What are some of the ACEs that we know of?

Child Abuse

  • Emotional Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse

Child Neglect

  • Emotional Neglect
  • Physical Neglect

Family/Home Problems

  • Divorced parents
  • Mother treated violently
  • Living with anyone with an alcohol or drug problem
  • Living with anyone with a mental health problem
  • Having a household member in prison

Other Problems

  • Bullied during middle school
  • Economic Hardship – growing up in poverty
  • Exposure to neighborhood violence

Which of these ACEs do you have and what problems may they have caused for you?
If you have four or more ACEs, then you are at:

  • 2x greater risk to smoke
  • 7x greater risk to have a problem with alcohol
  • 10x greater risk to use injectable street drugs
  • 12x greater risk to attempt suicide

This isn’t all. You also are at higher risk for having problems with maintaining a healthy weight or developing COPD, liver disease or heart disease. It can also be harder for you to think through stressful situations, and easier to lose your temper over the littlest of things. This also leads to having more trouble in school and/or keeping a job.

However, there is hope. As you learn in the individual stories shared here, recovery is possible. Others have overcome their addiction and taken back their life. Mental health therapy can help to take back your life from trauma. Substance use treatment can help take back your life from addiction. Recovery supports may provide resources and support that will encourage you. You can connect to these by calling 2-1-1 or 301-600-1755 and asking for the CORE program. You can also reach CORE here.

Call 211

Frederick County Health Department
350 Montevue Lane, Frederick, MD 21702
Phone: 301-600-1029
Fax: 301-600-3111
TTY: MD Relay 800-735-2258

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